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Welcome to Malabar Retreats!

Malabar Retreats offers a place of true beauty and wellbeing where we craft bespoken experiences and activities that aim to restore, balance, empower and transform body mind and soul

Our treatments, therapies and signature retreats integrate the science of Ayurveda and Yoga withwellness, beauty, fitness and nutrition, individually tailored with profession, using what works best for each guest.

Often a transformative experience, we believe that a retreat gives time to restore, strengthen, learn and heal. It is therefore very likely that you will develop a new relationship with yourself during the stay, one that opens up new horizons for a better private and work-life balance.

A personalized wellness experiences combined with a luxury vacation, all in a unique setting that is authentic, personal, sustainable and in harmony with individual surroundings.


Malabar Escapes

Malabar Escapes offers the finest circuit of boutique and villa hotels in Kerala, South India. Placed in colonial Fort Cochin, the backwaters and the plantation hills, each escape gives you a distinct experience & flavor.

Malabar Escapes pampers your senses with our signatory blend of art, hospitality, wellness and fine dining. The hotels showcase the best of contemporary and traditional South Indian art, culture & heritage for a tailor-made holiday and the joy of a new experience.

All Malabar escapes form a perfect circuit for a Kerala holiday package with minimum road travel. For more information please visit www.malabarescapes.com