Our Concept

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Malabar Retreats are crafted with wellbeing as the primary destination. Therapies from the ancient ayurvedic and yogic traditions are personalized to the needs of each guest. They are provided in locations of exquisite beauty, and with gracious hospitality.

Consultation, treatments, diet and related activities are based on information each guest shares prior to arrival. We create a personalized daily itinerary. The aim is to restore, balance, empower and transform the body, mind and soul, using what works best for each individual.

Guests may choose from a variety of retreat objectives. These are flexible and can be customized based on individual needs and preferences.

We also offer group yoga retreats with fixed dates and selected instructors; personalized private retreats can be scheduled throughout the year.

Often a transformative experience, a retreat gives time to restore, strengthen, learn and heal. New horizons open up for personal development and improved work-life balance. Malabar Retreats gives new meaning to the idea that the destination is in the journey.