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Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word; it translates into the complete knowledge for long life. It is the oldest existing body of knowledge on healing, an ancient stream of medicine, developed to perfection when man lived in harmony with nature.

All Ayurveda philosophies, principles and guidelines are focused on the individual with the aim to maintain his or her state of health. The ayurvedic therapy streamlines the natural synthesis and rhythm of the body.

In today’s word with its maddening pace of life the care for the body is restricted and superficial. Ayurveda uses herbs, nutritional guidance, exercise therapy, meditation and special purification and rejuvenation therapies suited to the individual’s natural constitution to prevent ill health, live a long life and achieve an improved quality of life.

Ayurveda emphasizes on the harmony of mind, spirit and body to prevent and cure diseases. Purespaoffers you a wide range of therapies and treatments which suite your time and needs.

Prior to your treatment you will enjoy a personalized consultation with our Ayurvedic health specialist to know more about your health concerns and inform you on the basis of Ayurveda principles.

The personalized consultation will be in brief about:

  1. General health assessment
  2. Prakriti analysis
  3. Pulse diagnosis
  4. Dietary and lifestyle advice
  5. Health care prescriptions
  6. Recommendation on Ayurveda Therapies as per individual’s need.
  7. Detailed diet sheet and lifestyle advice will be provided separately.

The innovative concept of purespa allows you to carry on with the identical therapie while staying at purity, a lakefront villa in an outstanding location overlooking lake Vembanad and serenity, a heritage estate bungalow surrounded by spice gardens, combining your therapies with a deeper experience of the surrounding world.